Smile For A Lifetime

Foundation’s Mission

To create self-confidence, inspire hope, and change the lives of children in our community in a dramatic way. The gift of a smile can do all this for a deserving, underserved individual who, in turn, can use this gift to better themselves and our community.

Foundation’s Role

Dr. Marina Milstein is a proud participating provider of Smile For A Life Time foundation. Smile for a Lifetime Foundation ( is a charitable nonprofit organization that matches disadvantaged kids in need of orthodontic treatment with our practice. Launched in 2008, Smile for a Lifetime Foundation aims to reach individuals with financial challenges, special situations, such as foster care or other out-of-home placements. Many of these youth are at risk for unfavorable health, academic, and social outcomes because of those challenges, and they are particularly vulnerable when they do not have the positive self-esteem and confidence that come with good oral heath and attractive smile. It is our mission to inspire hope in these youth and change their lives in a dramatic way.

If you are interested in this program, please apply here.

Dr. Marina Milstein and her team are committed to ensuring an exceptional orthodontic experience, with every step tailored to your specific needs.



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