Invisalign® Care

Important Things to Know

You should wear your aligners 20-22 hours a day​ and change them every seven days, unless different instructions are given by Dr. Milstein. Do not change sooner or your teeth will become very sensitive and your aligners will not work as well as they should. If you find that you are ready to change, and you do not have a new set, do not panic! Keep wearing your current aligners until your next appointment. If you have lost or damaged your aligners, please call us right away. You can move into the next set of aligners if you have them, or back to the previous set, until you can be seen by Dr. Milstein.

Cleaning Your Aligners

Your aligners should be cleaned every day with a soft toothbrush and cold running water, morning and night. You can use liquid hand soap if you desire. DO NOT use toothpaste on your aligners; it will make your aligners appear cloudy. During the day, rinse your mouth and aligners out with water to remove any remaining food after you eat.


It is vital to store your aligners in their case when not wearing them. Keep a case with you at all times. Please do not put your aligners in a tissue or pocket as they may be thrown out or break.


We recommend removing your aligners just before you eat and/or drink as sugars and acids become trapped between aligners and teeth, which can cause tooth decay and other problems. It is ok to drink cool water with them in.

Placement and Removal

To put the aligners in, use a mirror to line up the aligners with your teeth and gently push up/down with your fingers or thumbs. You may hear a click when it fits into place. Do not bite your aligners into place as this can damage them. When removing your aligners ensure that you remove from the back, near your molars first.

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