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MA stands for mandibular advancement. Mandibular advancement is most commonly used to treat an overbite and overjet by placing steady force to the lower jaw in order to draw it forward. Traditionally mandibular advancement is accomplished with braces and elastics or with functional appliances such as Twin Blocks, Herbst, Forsus™, and several others that Dr. Milstein might suggest. Often, mandibular advancement and straightening of the teeth is done in separate phases, resulting in a longer overall treatment time.   

invisalign MA

Invisalign MA is designed to replicate the action of elastics and functional appliances through new “precision wings” which hold the lower jaw in a forward position, while simultaneously correcting malocclusion and crowding issues. This simultaneous correction will shorten overall treatment time.

invisalign MA

Advantages of Invisalign MA:

  • Teeth straightening and jaw positioning in one step
  • No discomfort from metal appliances, wires, or brackets
  • No appliances to get in the way of brushing and flossing
  • Works for both simple and complex cases
  • Fewer unexpected orthodontist visits
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